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We firmly believe that the best way to manage one’s life is to set goals. This is why we define with all our clients a clear strategy and milestones we want to reach together, during our first consultation.

We use these to develop a customized training program for each of our clients, tailored toward his/her wishes, allowing the client to reach their stated goals in a reasonable time frame.

Training Programs

We will focus on your body placement, biomechanics and range of motion...paying close attention to your technique to ensure safety. We "Isolate not annihilate"

Muscle Training

There are many ways to shed some excess pounds and usually a little bit of jogging won’t do the trick. Your customized program will focus not only on achieving your desired weight loss, but also in maintaining it long-term.

Weight Loss

Personal one-on-one Training. The classic training program.


Two on one training technique where you are paired up with another client with similar fitness levels and goals.

1-on-2 Sport Specific

Together, we can improve your physical shape. We train your body and use small steps to get you in the best shape of your life. This program is ideal for extreme sport athletes and runners training for longer runs.